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New technologies like Cloud and Edge Computing, Location Intelligence, Big Data, (I)IoT, AI, Blockchain and Data Analytics enable predictability and new business outcomes! The list of “high value use cases” is getting longer and longer. Manufacturers, operators, financiers, insurance companies and owners are enabled to predict the behavior of supply chains, machines, plants and systems. Cities and municipalities are increasingly using new technologies to offer “Mobility as a Service”. Risks must be clearly assessed. Values and conditions can be determined in “real time”. Everything can be better planned and completely new business models are possible …

If the text above has made you dizzy, you are not alone!

TotalDigital is a management product of QRelation Management Team GmbH for digitization / digital transformation. We support you with our experience and our ecosystem to get supply chain, production, maintenance and service in your company fit for the future!


TotalDigital. Who is it?

QRelation Management Team GmbH is a partner for successful external support. Our proven and tested solutions make companies more future-oriented and competitive.

We support companies from technology sectors in meeting future challenges and positioning themselves accordingly in the competition. Our holistic approach includes planning, support during implementation, continuous optimization and qualification.

In doing so, we drive the digital transformation of your company with our ecosystem, which was created especially for digitization projects!



Superior partner for digitisation!

We maintain our Ecosystem in close partnership with complementary companies for digitisation and capacity.

With the product TotalDigital we orchestrate a network of companies which, in total, masters the entire added value of the digital transformation. As a full service provider, we can respond individually and efficiently to customer needs.

Our Business Ecosystem brings together the relevant solution providers: Experts, start-ups and established IT companies, who all complement and support each other.

Our customers enjoy working with us!

»We do not do experiments and Proof of Concept (PoC) – we know what works!«


Our focus for Digital Transformation, for good reason.

As experts in supply chain, production, maintenance and service, we know what works and what doesn’t!

There are enormous opportunities through digitalisation to optimise the supply chain and production and to improve maintenance and services. Risks can be minimised. Productivity and quality can be predicted. Things become more predictable!

The most common way for companies to achieve significant profitability through digitisation is through improved service, enabling you to conquer new market segments.


This is how we reach your project goal – together.

Technology is not the problem. Our goal is to make your company fit for the future!

01 Understanding

Strict tech talk and notebook bans apply during the first meeting. Nobody needs a slide battle with many buzzwords!

We rather need to understand the unique character of your company as well as your challenge.

A transformation is a balancing act in which we help you to achieve quick success without experiments!

02 Teaming

In the follow-up we usually organise one or more workshops where we define the goals together with you.

Teamwork is dreamwork: We do not teach – we do things together!

We use methods like Lean Startup, Scrum, Knowledge Graph, Value Proposition Design Canvas and Design Thinking.

03 Take Off

A radical transformation is taking place. We are able to offer all the technology and management components for a digital transformation.

You get the best team and the best digital solutions from one source!

TotalDigital = Full Service Provider with much enthusiasm!

The entire added value of the Digital Transformation.

Benefit from QRelation's Ecosystem with outstanding partners

For your intelligent digital solution, experts, start-ups and established IT companies work together under our management. They all complement and support each other!

With the TotalDigital Business Ecosystem, we can propose the solution approach for maximum success – tailored to your company situation and tasks. We will then provide you with the best team of relevant technology and solution providers. The team develops your optimal digital solution. We manage the project and integrate the solution into your company.


Business Process Design

Identify and realise digital potentials along the entire value chain
Digitisation with all its facets and characteristics is the key to the change in which we all live and work. Together with you we rethink, optimise and integrate business processes. We provide you with focused solutions for your Digital Transformation challenges.

QRelation Management Team

As a cross-industry project partner, we provide our customers from technology sectors with external support for consulting and implementation. Our technical specialists and managers, who are familiar with development, production and management, support and take responsibility for interim mandates or project solutions.

QRelation Engineering Team

Fit for transformation: Become more innovative & flexible with our support. As an engineering service provider who is an expert in development, project management and implementation, we are used to serving different customer and industry requirements in a very flexible way. Our focus always remains on the customer’s business processes and structure. Depending on your needs, we are available for comprehensive support or your detailed solution. We support you either within the framework of a work contract or service contract as well as temporary employment.



Making data-based decisions
Hardware and software solutions for ERP systems, robotics, data modelling and analysis, AI-based assistance systems, predictable maintenance, … With ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), (AI (Artificial Intelligence) and BI (Business Intelligence) you can profitably use systems adapted to your needs (quality, costs, etc.) to make data-based decisions for your company or to optimise work processes.

... coming soon

How can we together turn your company towards a sustainable future?

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